5 Tips to Ace Cisco 010-151 Certification Exam On First Try?

Taking the Cisco exam and obtaining the CCT Data Center accreditation will always be a smart career move. But there is a hurdle you must cross before becoming a Cisco-certified Data Center technician, and that is passing the Certbolt exam. This 90-minute multiple-choice proctored exam tests you in two major areas – the basic Cisco NX-OS configuration and the Cisco Data Center products and hardware elements, particularly the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS).

Here are some useful tips to help you ace the 010-151 DCTECH exam first time:

1. Get all the exam information

The first step in preparing for this exam is to know what you are dealing with. The Cisco website has a dedicated webpage for the certbolt , where you can access all the necessary information about the exam, including exam details, what the curriculum covers, expected areas of competency, and exam topics. According to the official exam webpage, the test contains 4 topics, such as data center basics, Cisco equipment and related hardware, Cisco NX-OS software operation and certbolt UCS, and service-related knowledge. Enrolling in the study process candidates will know about the remedial services on Cisco Data Center products. This implies hardware replacement, configuration and software backup and restores, safety requirements check, determination of connection type and cable requirements, troubleshooting basic physical problems.

2. Design a practical study guide

It would be best if you had a clear plan to study and understand all the topics in the Cisco 010-certbolt curriculum. For example, how much time do you have before the exam? How long are you spending on each topic? Whether you are studying alone or in a group, your answers to these questions are essential. They will help you design a study guide that allows you to learn effectively at your own pace.

3. Enroll in the official Cisco training course

Cisco recommends and offers a special training course for the certbolt exam. Titled “Supporting Cisco Data Center System Devices (DCTECH) v3.0,” this self-paced online course is designed in line with the exam’s curriculum. The four-module course requires seven to eight hours of your time and has no prerequisite. It is accessible 24-hours daily once you get the one-year subscription. Completing the course increases your chances of passing the exam.

4. Join relevant study groups and online forums

Studying alone can be overwhelming. Joining study groups and online forums can make a huge difference. You can interact with other candidates and senior professionals, and industry experts who have earned the same certbolt . A lot of study tips and valuable ideas are exchanged on these platforms, which may improve your confidence and overall preparedness.

5. Use Practice Tests

These are files that include exam questions and answers from the previous certbolt . They are usually can be trained on a special software that simulates the real exam environment. This helps you know the exam topics, types of questions tested, find the gaps in your knowledge and develop your time management skills. So, these files are a great tool to you in your prep process for the Cisco 010-151 exam.


Taking the certbolt is the best way to become a CCT Data Center certification holder. It’s a proof of your ability to serve unified computing systems and Cisco servers. This Cisco exam is also the best variant for entry-level onsite support technicians or those looking to transition to networking and systems. Simply use the tips covered in this article, and get certified on first try! Good luck!

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